Conscious Journey to a Lasting Relationship


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7 Proven Steps To Attract True Love And Build The Lasting, Fulfilling Relationship You Desire

This book offers a unique and modern version of “happily ever after” for smart, ambitious, professional women who spent their life achieving success in their career, yet experience stress and an overwhelmingly empty feeling of missing out on a loving relationship.

There are many women who think being independent and successful can bring happiness, but they eventually realize that a successful career does not guarantee a happy relationship.  We were never taught by school about the intricacies of love and relationships. We always assumed “happily ever after” came naturally as long as we fell in love.

That’s why so many women are suffering and struggling in attempt in finding love and happy relationships. This book will definitely bring hope and light to those women who are still in the dark, and seeking the guidance.  The book combines the story and experiences of both the author and her many clients who have also faced similar struggles.

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Conscious Journey to a Lasting Relationship