Cheri and Me: Snippets of a Relationship


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How many people can say when they began to know you?…He knew exactly when his relationship with Cheri began….Simple enough, yet the beginning of an adventure that who knew where it would take Bill…He laughed, then thought, “indeed, this could be an interesting relationship.” “Did you know that when Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden, they crossed over the mountains and found another Eden, and they called it Tennessee?”

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William B. Caudle of Summertown, Tennessee, received three awards at the Life Press Christian Writers’ Conference in Memphis, Tennessee, August 7th, 2010. His story entitled “Sparks” is part of this book of short stories, Cheri and Me, and won first place in the Conference Prose contest. Another story from the same book but under the title, “Come In Outta the Heat” won Honorable Mention in the same contest. His favorite entry, “The Treasure Hunter” won First Honorable Mention in the National Prose category.

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Cheri and Me: Snippets of a Relationship