An Illustrated Book of Love Poems 2


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This is the second book in a trilogy of books entitled “illustrated Book of True Love Poems” by Dave Courtney-Shore. In his first book, the meaning of love, and the initial journey into love are explored, whilst in this second book love grows and matures and takes on a deeper meaning.

As in the first book, the author pokes fun at himself and his lover, bares his soul, shares intimate moments, and takes passion and sex to new heights, while enjoying love and life to the full.

About the Author: Dave Courtney-Shore

Dave was born and grew up on the shores of England and following his schooling travelled around the World working for consultancies and institutions like PWC, the World Bank and United Nations, in some of the richest and poorest places on the planet. Besides troubleshooting projects, sometimes in the middle of nowhere, sometimes left on his own, he learned much about people and life, its challenges and experiences, some deep and profound.

His love of poetry really came to life when he fell in love, not for the first time but this time for real. Such experiences are shared in his trilogy of books entitled “Illustrated Book of True Love Poems” of which this is the second.

Raw, sometimes brutally honest, sometimes funny, but always from the heart, exploring what is meant by love and a relationship that still stands on solid ground, and yet has no bounds.

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An Illustrated Book of Love Poems 2
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