All About Love: Poems from Mixed Experience


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This second collection of poems by Floridian Joan Bonnel Clark differs significantly from her first Glimpse of God, which was composed entirely of religious verses. She writes from over sixty years in roles as varied as daughter, student, professor, wife, mother, teacher, librarian, lover, and friend. Recorded in All about Love are her sensitive, but often unorthodox impressions and emotions. Do not expect greeting card sentiments, but honest appraisals of how love seemed at a certain point in her life. Having weathered several marriages and raising four children in and around her professional accomplishments, Joan Clark dares to share in her senior years these immensely personal poems Anyone can empathize with many of the experiences and emotions evoked by the enclosed lines. As to whom they were originally addressed, that will remain a mystery unless the proverbial shoe fits.
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All About Love: Poems from Mixed Experience