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A Mountain Within is based on a true American story about a dysfunctional family who finds room in their hearts for love and forgiveness. The story reminds us that we have each other to help and support, making rough roads in life more approachable. This novel takes us on a journey outside of our hometowns, just down the street and around the corner. The love and pains that the Lores have experienced will change your emotions from laughter to tears. You will love the warmth of the characters helping you understand and appreciate the special people in your life. The story allows us to find our personal mountain within as we discern and deal with the positives and the negatives in each of our lives.

About the Author

Rick Vasquez is a Latino entertainment entrepreneur, and author of A Mountain Within, Dream, Sweet Dreams of You, All Kids go to Heaven, and the Executive Producer of the film Seance, starring Corey Feldman and Adam West. Rick is a true American storyteller who hopes that his characters and storylines will touch and change lives. Rick was born and raised in California. He is married to his wife Leslie and has five children that love and support him. Rick dedicates this book to his friend and business partner Tom, who passed on his wife’s stories that richly touched Rick’s life. He is grateful for his love and friendship with Diane Lore, Tom’s wife, for allowing Rick to share their beautiful stories for all of us to have a better understanding of love, support, and forgiveness. Though the story is not about Latinos, it is about life that is universal to all races. It is a book of knowledge for everybody to share with this particular family, which can bring each reader to a better understanding of love and forgiveness.

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A Mountain Within