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Meet Beans & Basil Rottweiler Puppies


Meet Beans & Basil Rottweiler Puppies is a whimsical interactive children’s photo-book. It gives you a look into the world of Rottweiler puppies and their daily adventures.

The Prophet and the Warrior


A Fictional History of Moses and Joshua

The Prophet and the Warrior is historical fiction that follows the Biblical texts of the books of Moses as presented in the King James Bible.

The Princesses Coronavirus Adventure


Children can come along on their adventure of how they entertained themselves during a difficult time in their lives and learn how to write paragraphs along the way.

An Illustrated Book of Love Poems 2


This is the second book in a trilogy of books entitled “illustrated Book of True Love Poems” by Dave Courtney-Shore. As in the first book, the author pokes fun at himself and his lover, bares his soul, shares intimate moments, and takes passion and sex to new heights, while enjoying love and life to the full.

Presidents as Military Officers, As Commander-in-Chief with Humor and Anecdotes


A great deal of history can be learned by reading the policies of our 44 presidents. This publication (45 chapters) describes the military activity prior to the presidency as well as the Commander-in Chief decisions of each president.

Kalie’s Digestive System



Kalie’s Digestive System is about a little girl who embarks on an exciting journey to learn about her digestive system. As she eats her breakfast she imagined her body parts explaining their functions as the food travels through the alimentary canal. Kalie’s Digestive System was written to teach children about the functioning of their digestive system in a fun and interesting way.