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Raising Frankie: One Family’s Approach to ADHD


As a college student, he was blessed to become a student intern in the Information Technology (IT) department where he continued to increase his computer skills as a part-time computer lab assistant and a computer troubleshooter. These roles pushed his skilled to a brand-new level.

Dellia (One) (The Ever-Branching Tree)


Dellia is an epic high-fantasy romance about ordinary people thrust into extraordinary circumstances. It blends alternate worlds, action, adventure, and dire peril, with political intrigue, a generous dollop of romance, and a pinch of humor.

Bye, Bye, Bow Wow


“Bow Wow lives with a nice little family, in a nice home, in a nice neighborhood, in a nice little town. As he watches the family go through the daily morning routine of getting ready to leave for work and school, he knows he will be left at home to entertain himself. It seems “unfair” to him that the family gets to come and go while he is left behind. Every day, he hears the words, “Bye, bye, Bow Wow,” as they go out together.

Mark’s Journey to the West


After World War II and the Communist Revolution in China, Mark’s father, H. Thomas Luke, a graduate of Yenching University in Beijing, escaped with his wife Deanna, daughter Shelley, and son Hugo to Hong Kong where he taught English and wrote newspaper articles…

A Road Map Home: Leaving a Life of Abuse, Entering a Life Full of Grace


A Road Map Home is a compelling story of the actual heart-wrenching accounts of an abusive life suffered for years in secret by the author and her sister. No one in their family ever knew of the horrific events that they both lived through for years. They lived in the same house, and they didn’t know what the other was going through until this book. The author shares with you the journeys of hopelessness and despair to a life filled with grace and a purpose. For anyone who has a story of their own, A Road Map Home will encourage and enlighten your path of hope.

The Space of Miracles: A Journey With a Gypsy Samurai


Do humans ‘hear’ messages about others that they may need to know? Follow George, as he realizes these messages keep coming and coming. Hear his constant inner debate whether to share this information with strangers and others as the space of miracles appears.

To The Young Gens


This book brings a message that is authentic. And that authentic message has the power to open the minds of the youths in the aspects of God. And it has the power to open their eyes on the many things that plague, tarnish, or elevate societies…



This story reflects a child’s need to feel valued in the home or household. It shows that boys have social and emotional needs just as girls do, and may do daring things to achieve gratification.

The Aliens Among Us


Montigan, the small but beautiful Martian country, now faces an existential threat. With a population devastated by years of war, they face annexation by their political enemies. Granted a one year reprieve by the Supreme Martian Court, Montiganians must prove they can rebuild their population to minimum legal levels, or their charter will be given to the very countries whose greed-driven wars brought them to this point.

The Adventures of Itty Bitty Bunny and the Coyotes


The book is the outgrowth of my early years with my two children, Becky and Scotty. Bedtime always threatened to become chaotic since most of the time no one wanted to go to sleep, even as they were growing more tired and crabby. The solution turned out to be the stories. Hence, I created Itty Bitty bunny…

The Journey of a Broken Wing


Journey Of A Broken Wing is a children’s fable that will teach kids of all ages how being humble and trusting others will result in completing their goal.

The World Is My Oyster


Ricky Freely is a typical teenager who lived an average life full of dreams and mere thoughts of reaching his potential. He wanted to emulate his father’s crafty military career and his ability to transition into one of the world’s greatest leading scientist. When Ricky woke up on a typical day, he did not see this coming; all the people in the entire world vanished and he was alone….

The Promised Land: A Tale of a pair of twins


The Promised Land details the current political and economic situation of author Jacques F. Felix’s native country, Haiti. It shows how the Haitian youth are trying to leave the country by any means necessary in search for a better life elsewhere, most notably the United States and South America…



Every father knows how difficult it can be to put their child to bed. Boh! is the story of a dad who tries everything his son usually likes but still can’t get him to go to sleep. Thankfully, mom comes to the rescue and points out the one thing their son wanted all along: a bedtime story.

Life in the Hands of Jesus


The book is about being touched by one true living God, that is Jesus, and how life is like in the hands of Jesus. Walking with a living God changes the entire perspective of life on this earth. The constant worry about death and dying once upon a time was comforted by the Lord Jesus Himself…

Humility Comes Before Honor


Our Creator is a God of choice. Therefore, destruction is a choice. Honor is also a choice. A proud heart leads to destruction, but a humble heart brings honor. The absence of humility is pride which will bring certain consequences as a result of not humbling ourselves before God and men…

My Friend, the Man Who Rode the Donkey


A young bunny, Esther, decides to leave the safety of her home and see the world. She narrowly escapes a dog as she dives through a hole in a stable wall. Frightened, she stays in the stable for several days. She sees a human baby born and gets a close-up look…

U.S.A. is still the World’s No. 1


America’s strength as the superpower extraordinaire came from conquering the impossible things, especially those things that, throughout man’s history, have been thought of as absolutely impossible, and perhaps pertaining only to the realms of fantasy. Soaring through the sky effortlessly, invention of the ultimate weapon, and unlocking of nature and life’s Enigma Code are three such monumental milestones of mankind’s biggest successes…

The Pentateuch: When God Was on Earth


God created the world and all living things Pre-determined destiny, known only to the King. Israel, the witness keeper of Jesus birth, His life America the motherhood, to countries in strife. It would be Jesus, He came to save mankind. The ruthless, the evil, the ancient of time America fails herself, the year 2010…

Faithful Living: Honoring God Through Persistence and Faith During Trying Times


As I write this book, the world has been shaken by a horrible pandemic, namely COVID-19. The initial impacts of this dreadful disease were first seen in America in early 2020. As of today, the COVID-19 death toll in America is nearing six hundred thousand. In addition to the tremendous loss of life, the economy was virtually brought to a standstill because of business closures that were made necessary to stop or limit the spread of this disease. As a result, many people found themselves facing a daily struggle to remain safe while yet trying to provide for themselves and their families.



In this intriguing and whimsical novella set in 1959, nine-year-old North Dakota farm boy, Jack Marshall, and a few close friends come to the aid of another friend, Tommy Clemens, who, one foggy morning before school, has seen an alien spacecraft land in a pigsty on his family farm and had an encounter of the fifth kind. Jack is also contacted by the aliens a few days later, and both boys suffer repercussions. Sheriff Frenchy DuBois is called in to investigate. He led the field investigation of The Roswell UFO incident back in 1947 while…

Taming the Beast of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


Taming the Beast of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a comprehensive review of this bizarre and brutal disorder, written by a psychiatric therapist who struggled mightily with this beast, got well, and dedicated her life to treating it. Through simple explanations and myriad stories, one is taken on the hair-raising, roller coaster ride of all that is OCD…

The Rumor Club: A Mystery Novel


This is another story of how ordinary people can achieve justice for themselves when thrown into a serious murder situation. It is the fourth in a series of similar books. Hope that you enjoy it…

Children of Eden: The Trilogy of the Rising


Serum 222, designed to kill a strain of deadly cancers. Serum 222, handed to the hands of a demented scientist and used to raise a nation. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, raised in a large family of eight siblings. Parents are Kathy Grant and David Lavender.

Emerging Wings: Becoming Myself: A Bridge between the Hearing and Deaf Communities


For a deaf infant, the harsh reality is that his or her life will be dramatically impacted by the decisions and choices made by his or her parents. If the parents are deaf, then it is likely that infant will be immersed within the deaf ways and community where silence is cherished and sign language is used as a main communication mode. Whereas if the parents are hearing, then it is likely that infant will be immersed with the hearing ways and community focusing mainly on oral education with or without the assistance of sign language.

Pete The Peacock


Pete the Peacock was not born with beautiful peacock feathers like all his friends. Instead of focusing on what he lacks, however, Pete focuses on others…

Dark Yesterdays Bright Tomorrows


As a Texas-based solider in the US Army, who is but twenty-three years old and black as well, Corporal Tyrone Lattimore is generally regarded as soft-spoken, intelligent, highly proficient, and compassionate. In some circles, however, the corporal is perceived as an enigma-a man who marches to the beat of a different but benevolent drummer, and that, alternately, makes him a very controversial figure…

Team: Training, Education, and Mentorship


In this inspirational and informative “lessons learned” guide to teamwork, mentorship, growth, and development, highly accomplished U.S. Navy Captain Dana R. Gordon gives readers valuable insights into the things that have helped him in his life and career-all the way from being a successful high school student-athlete, college engineering student, to being a U.S. Naval aviator, decorated ship’s captain, and now the Director of Engineering at Fanatics, Inc.

Invasions of Eden


With the emergence of a baffling and deadly neurological illness in a hospital in Atlanta, 39-year old Cassandra Garriman, a brilliant, ambitious and strong-willed medical doctor, traces the mysterious disease back to a deserted island off the coast of South Carolina. She uncovers its alarming potential, though neither infectious nor contagious, to spark a regional or even a national health threat as well as bioterrorism, international espionage and geopolitical turmoil. What is it? How did it get to the island or the hospital in Atlanta? It must be stopped! It’s her fight to win.