Recently Finish Your Book? Our Marketing Team is Ready to Help!

The team here at Authors Press are book marketing experts, let us help you share your book with the world.

We offer a wide range of marketing services for authors to take advantage of from Website Design Services to Radio or TV Interviews. We know how much work goes into writing and editing a book and want to make sure that all of your hard work is rewarded. With our Marketing Services such as social media blasts and press releases we will work to get the word out to as many people as possible that your new book is ready for purchase. We can also show your book in upcoming book festivals and exhibits or host in store signings for your fans. Let our team work with you to get your book in hands of readers all around the world!

Website Services | Web Design & Development | Authors Press

Our Website Services will connect you to the rest of the world, and it is a great way of promoting yourself and your works to the public.

Having a website is critical in this day and age and will connect you to a massive audience that you normally wouldn’t be able to reach. Our website services will showcase you and your book to the world. Authors Press can link your website directly to amazon or other online retailers making purchasing your book a breeze. Authors Press website designers and developers will help you share your works of passion. If you recently finished your book then our website services are the best next step to start promoting!

Book Reviews | Professional Book Reviews By Authors Press

Ready to have your book reviewed?

You have published your book. Success, the next step is to get some book reviews!

Book Reviews can help you get found when you realize the literary industry is flooded with thousands of other published books. How, then, do you make your book stand out in the overcrowded publishing space? How do you give your book a boost? Having your book reviewed not only helps your book but also you as an author. Books without any reviews are often overlooked and it is our goal to make sure that does not happen to you.

Book To Screen | Marketing Service From Authors Press

Movie adaptations are becoming more popular than ever.

If you want to see your book come to life on the big screen, Authors Press will help you live that dream!

Our book agents will help get your manuscript into the hands of producers. Once screen ready, Authors Press will distribute it to different streaming channels.

Book Trailers | Authors Press Marketing Services For Authors

Interested in a book trailer?

One effective way of enticing potential readers and other top players in the literary industry is by creating a book trailer. Your book trailer will be posted on YouTube, making it available to its 2 billion users to see.

Interested in an Authors Interview on Location?

Interested in an Authors Interview on Location?

An authors interview on location is perfect for those who do not have enough time and energy to travel. Authors Press and its team will meet you at your doorstep to have an interview session at your home where you feel most comfortable and relaxed. This is a great opportunity to get interviewed about your book in a low key setting and get the word out. Give Authors Press a call today at 925-255-0098 for more information or click here to send us an email to schedule an interview.

Author TV Interviews can give maximum exposure to your new book!

An Author TV Interview is a highly effective marketing strategy since the spotlight is on you.

Authors Press, in partnership with Preach The World Worldwide Network, offers our authors the chance for an in-depth interview for maximum exposure. A media interview increases visibility and reputation, which could potentially lead to increased sales and profitability. Get in front of the camera and let your audience get to know you on a more personal level. See a couple samples below to get an idea of what to expect when you schedule an Author TV Interview with Authors Press.

Virtual Author Interviews | Authors Press

Ready to work with Authors Press?

Give Authors Press a call today at 925-255-0098, our team is standing by!

Book Fair Interviews

London Book Fair | Steve Mathieu

London Book Fair | Steve Mathieu That’s a wrap! The 2022 London Book Fair has officially concluded! Authors Press is honored to share this enthralling experience with authors and readers from all over the globe.

TV Advertising For Authors | Authors Press Publishing Services

Want to promote your book on TV? National & Local TV Channels Available

Get your book in front of millions of people on the channels below!

Ready to take your book to the next level – click here to get started!

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Paper Distribution | Authors Press

New York Times Newspaper, houses the widely cited and influential New York Times Bestseller list.

Get your book in front of those that matter — book buyers, reviewers, traditional publishers

Authors Press will bring you closer to them!

Be a part of the nation’s most credible review of good literature.


Our team specializes in Press Releases!

Press Releases can have a huge impact on your book releases success!

Have our team of writers write an informative and powerful press release for your book. The press release will help you gain a broader scale of audience, as it will be distributed to major search engines and more than 150 media outlets. Once your book has been finalized and is ready to be distributed it is important to take advantage of all possible promotion activity.

Interested in learning more about our Press Release services? Click here!

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Special Events | Marketing Services For Authors | Authors Press

We have unique special event solutions for authors

Once your book has been published it is time to get it in the hands of readers! We offer 2 Special Events to share your book with the world. Contact Authors Press to learn more about how we can help you market your book.

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