“I Just Wrote a Book! Now What?”

“I Just Wrote a Book! Now What?”

Some of us are naturally gifted writers, others may be struck with an idea which will enable them to write. There are those who write because they want to share a life-changing experience they had. And there are those who just got hit by a sudden motivation to pick up their pen, or—in our times—grab their laptops and start typing. Whatever the reason was, some of us just want to share our work to a large audience or simply see our ideas on print and bind.

It is not, however, easy to get one’s work published. With big, established authors, and even bigger and more established publishing companies, others can’t help but feel intimidated or even hopeless. They may just feel like giving up on their dream of having their work put out completely.

We understand how you definitely want your stories to be shared to the world. However, we are also very much aware of the struggles in getting a manuscript polished, reviewed, published, and marketed. That is why at Authors Press, we make it our goal to help you in the entire process.

When you have spent many sleepless nights tirelessly writing, you wouldn’t want to go through all the trouble of getting your manuscript ready, publishing it yourself, and—most especially—finding the right places to market or sell your books. You have already brought your ideas to life by writing them down, so allow us to help you with the grueling process of enabling them to be known to the world.

At Authors Press We see to it that your written work goes through a proper, extensive process of reviewing, publishing, and marketing. Our team will assist you in the whole book publishing process, making sure that it gets a good degree of quality before it is distributed. In addition to this, the finished book will be promoted to the potential audience through the employment of various marketing strategies in different platforms.

We do not stop there, though; as we are well aware of how the author’s journey is a long and sometimes difficult one, in addition to our publication and marketing services, we also offer a Lifetime Free Assistance program in which the authors we have helped can get quality advice from our Consultants and Author Advisers. This way, you can be guided on what to do during the course of your first publication, and other how-to’s for your next work, if you decide to produce another one.

On top of it all, at Authors Press, we team up with leading bookstores in the industry—whether they are online or brick-and-mortar stores—so you can be able to see your book displayed on their shelves, or even featured on top shelves.

A dream will only remain a dream if one does not act upon it and make it a reality. As a writer already taking the first step in achieving your dream—by putting your ideas out on paper—you deserve to have someone you can count on to help you along the way.

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