Bernie Calaway’s Book Review

"Bernie Calaway's Book Review HISTORY AND MYSTERY “The focus on mythologies, prophecies and apocalyptic studies within a theological and historical sense was fascinating to read about, and both non- religious and religious scholars alike will be interested to see this comprehensive volume unfold.”

Tony Espinoza

- Hollywood Book Reviews

Kendall D. Gott’s Book Review

“Gripping, engaging, and thought-provoking, author Kendall D Gott’s Steamboat Seasons: The Sequel to Steamboat Seasons and Backwater Battles A Historical Novel is a must-read historical fiction novel.”


- Chambers

Carrolyn Foster’s Book Review

“This is a fun look at the bull riding event through the thoughts and perspective of the bulls which provides humor that children will enjoy.”


- Konkel

Richard Grabmeier’s Book Review

“As a fan of history and culture, I found the author’s rich use of history and the original take on the humanity these figures held outside of their legends was incredible to read.”

Jack Chambers

Donald R. Draayer’s Book Review

“This charming book is a terrific introduction to the ‘troubles and triumphs’ of pet ownership for kids and parents contemplating the same.”

David Allen

Sherry Walraven’s Book Review

“Walraven’s talent for story telling makes this book a thrilling read that leaves the audience hungry for more.”

- Hollywood Book Reviews

Roland Zimany’s Book Review

Sermons with Insight By Roland Zimany “Sermons with Insight is the perfect title for Zimany’s messages that will resonate with readers searching for spiritual meaning in their lives.”

Ella Vincent

- Hollywood Book Reviews

Joseph Albert Gorski’s Book Review

Joseph Albert Gorski's Book Review 2016: The Rise of a Third Party in the US “No matter what side of the aisle you find yourself in, this book is a must-read.”

Arthur Thares

- Hollywood Book Reviews

Joseph Albert Gorski’s Book Review

2012: The Rise of a Third Party in the US
“I would encourage every aspiring politician, governance enthusiasts and leader in whatever capacity they are, to get a hold of this book. The knowledge in the book is not to be dismissed. The topic selection by Joseph Gorski will tell you just how far America has come as a nation.”

Aaron Washington

- Hollywood Book Reviews

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