Groove to a Mesmerizing Scope of Hip Hop Elements with Loss Angeles Rapper Truse’s ‘The Final Mystical Saga’

Groove to a Mesmerizing Scope of Hip Hop Elements with Loss Angeles Rapper Truse’s ‘The Final Mystical Saga’


Upcoming Los Angeles rapper Truse is creating a thematic diversity of contemporary hip hop elements with his newly released track, ‘The Final Mystical Saga’.

Los Angeles, Sep 16, 2020 ( – Music has diversified over the years of creative and cultural growth and today, the interpretation of music by different artists tells individual stories of thematic significance. Carving the course of contemporary hip hop definitions is upcoming artist Truse and his creative soundscape of beautiful melodic and lyrical denotations. He recently came out with the song, ‘The Final Mystical Saga‘ which highlights the issues of violence and war that are collectively leading the world to collapse. A conscious lyrical progression that beautifully resonates with current issues of existence, the artist has expanded his creative scope into a deeper degree of substantiality.

The creative arc of this Los Angeles rapper constitutes various thematic inceptions of the modern world. His vocal outspokenness about anti-war, global peace, and anti-violence has opened the gates to yet another creative boost for hip hop. LeronKattan’s song ‘The Final Mystical Saga‘ is an eye-opener and an impactful lyrical breakthrough that instigates social, political, and cultural awareness among his audience. His musical arrangement is also a mellifluous blend of sound modulations and rhythmic elements that create an ambient experience of musical enrichment. He is associated with the label house Truse Music that further allows him to express his creative mind before the world.

Artists like includes Rza, Zack de la Rocha, Rage Against the Machine, Common Sense, TalibKweli, Wu-Tang, Tupac, the Beatles, John Lennon, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews, and others have been important inspirations in Truse‘s growth as an artist. He has interpreted hip hop from a deep level of understanding that will open the windows to new creative ideas. Blending the virtues of contemporary hip hop with modern-day poetry, he has expanded his methods and ways of expression into a celebratory saga. Listen to this profound soundscape of musical and worldly dreams by following him on Soundcloud, Instagram, Twitter, and Spotify.

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