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“Rapa Nui Settlers: By Choice and Necessity the Sequel of Heirs of a Lost Race by Francis F. Pitard is a very interesting story. It is a sequel to “Heirs of a Lost Race” and they both are fantastic reads. I recommend these both to anyone looking for new books! ” — marci


“Great and exciting adventure awaits you in this book full of mystery and quest that can spike your interest and make your free time worthwhile. This book is like no other than just grab a copy now.” — Sunday

“This book takes you deep into it’s characters lives, so much so it almost feels like you’re inside their minds. You follow them on a journey in this series that details their suffering while becoming “civilized”. Even though this is part of a fiction series, the historical facts and information about the Rapa Nui people is well researched and historically accurate. This story will pull on your heartstrings and keep you turning page after page. The author’s voice is engaging, he is a master of storytelling. ” —Tiffany Mccracken-Liddel

Dr. Francis F. Pitard is a consulting expert in Sampling, Statistical Process Control and Total Quality management. He is President of Francis Pitard Sampling Consultants (www.fpscsampling.com) and Technical Director of Mineral Stats Inc. (www.mineralstats.com) in Broomfield, Colorado, USA. He provides consulting services in many countries. Dr. Pitard has six years of experience with the French Atomic Energy Commission and fifteen years with Amax Extractive R&D. He taught Sampling Theory for the Continuing Education Offices of Colorado School of Mines, The Australian Mineral Foundation, for the Mining Department of the University of Chile, and the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa. He has a Doctorate of Technology from the Aalborg University in Denmark. He is author of several textbooks on Sampling Theory and Practice, two historical novels about Polynesians, Heirs of a Lost Race and Rapa Nui Settlers, and the biography of his great-aunt Aline Virmoux, who was involved in the French Resistance during World War II, in “From Normandy to the Hell of Ravensbrück”. He is the recipient of the prestigious Pierre Gy’s Gold Medal for excellence in promoting and teaching the Theory of Sampling (Cape Town, South Africa, 2009). –This text refers to the paperback edition.

Rapa Nui Settlers:

By Choice and Necessity the Sequel of Heirs of a Lost Race



By: Francis Pitard

This book is the sequel of Heirs of a Lost Race.

The way the transportation of Moais is described in this novel may not have been the most efficient. The most efficient way, only used much later in their history, caused the destruction of many endemic palm trees. It is very likely indeed Moais were rolled on fragile palm tree logs. However, the way it is described in this novel is at least consistent with what the Rongo Rongo characters suggest. It is my belief that these mysterious characters hold valuable information about the long forgotten early ways of Rapa Nui; it makes them priceless.

Then, there is the tale told by modern man saying the Rapa Nui people destroyed themselves, because of warfare, starvation, cannibalism, greed, and even stupidity. This is an attempt to hide the truth. I strongly disagree with these statements, which are gratuitously made and are blatant insults to great Polynesians. Ancient Polynesians were indeed a lot smarter than this, as studied in Heirs of a Lost Race.

This book pays homage to the real Rapanuis, the original Rapanuis, a peaceful group of talented, intelligent, and caring people. Contemporaneous theories characterizing the Rapanuis as a self-destructive society that created the environmental disaster, starvation, cannibalism, and warfare resulting in its downfall is unadulterated slander! In today’s society, we often scrape the bottom of the barrel to rationalize what we do today around the world. Such is the case for those who cast aspersions on the Rapanuis. Mongers of inaccurate, arrogant, and contrived pseudo-histories have done a criminal disservice to a proud people and to the rest of us who honor them for their magnificent achievements.



Francis Pitard

Francis Pitard


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