“Science of God” The Greatest Deception: Part I


This book is written by an author who was raised in a religious environment, in which God was always present. At age 14 he discovered that “God,” not only was never present, but even its very meaning is unclear.
This book is not about delusion about God, nor is it about deception about God.



In this intriguing and whimsical novella set in 1959, nine-year-old North Dakota farm boy, Jack Marshall, and a few close friends come to the aid of another friend, Tommy Clemens, who, one foggy morning before school, has seen an alien spacecraft land in a pigsty on his family farm and had an encounter of the fifth kind. Jack is also contacted by the aliens a few days later, and both boys suffer repercussions. Sheriff Frenchy DuBois is called in to investigate. He led the field investigation of The Roswell UFO incident back in 1947 while…

A Change in Perception


In this book; “A Change in Perception” Sherryl with her Spirit Team shares with you her personal experiences connecting with her Team of friends and relatives that have crossed over, Angels and Light Beings…

A Life Worth Living


“I found the poems exquisitely phrased and very moving. If people who commit suicide only knew what pain they cause. Pat has a rare gift, and it was a privilege to read her poems.”

– Teruko Craig

Senior Lecturer Emerita, Tufts University

A Road Map Home: Leaving a Life of Abuse, Entering a Life Full of Grace


A Road Map Home is a compelling story of the actual heart-wrenching accounts of an abusive life suffered for years in secret by the author and her sister. No one in their family ever knew of the horrific events that they both lived through for years. They lived in the same house, and they didn’t know what the other was going through until this book. The author shares with you the journeys of hopelessness and despair to a life filled with grace and a purpose. For anyone who has a story of their own, A Road Map Home will encourage and enlighten your path of hope.

A Universe Full of Magical Things


Traditional science holds that everything that exists starts with matter, but this undocumented belief must be false, according to Quantum Mechanics. It has to be! QM demonstrates that – There is no such thing as matter or space or time – A conscious observer is a necessary condition for anything to exist.

A Wish Granted: Journal of Galactic Romance and Global Evolution


Allow yourself to be brought back to a time where Mary shares the details of Jesus’ birth and where a dragon king befriends you. Each day brings new experiences in The Joy Chronicles. Take a breath, step inside, and await the adventures set out before you.

African-American Heroes 1776-1919: The Story of Sergeant Neadom Roberts


African-American Heroes 1776-1919: The Story of Sergeant Neadom Roberts demonstrates the spirit and heroism of an African-American soldier’s patriotic deeds and determination to serve his country despite barriers of racism, segregation, oppression, and discrimination. He persevered onward in great sacrifice, yet records of his service have gone unrecognized, been diminished and forgotten. This book seeks to educate the reader to tell the individual and collective stories of these gallant heroes and bring to light their historical legacies.

Alice and the Little Train That Could Not Walk


Alice is so excited for her first day of preschool. After she arrives, she soon sees a colorful yet sad train in a corner of the schoolyard.



All Things Are Possible


Author: Roseline Ifidon

Roseline Ifidon was born in Nigeria and grew up in a very good Christian home with her parents, an older sister and four younger brothers. Growing up, she remembered her mother used to tell them bedtime stories in the evenings. Her mother never read the stories from a book, she always remembered the different stories and she could tell everyone of the stories over again.


All Votes Matter!


Author: Jerry Spriggs

Jerry Spriggs, B.A., M.S., is a retired instructional designer, having designed curricula and developed training strategies and materials for the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, and numerous Fortune 500 corporations. His career stemmed from his interest in game design. How we elect our president via the Electoral College began as a curiosity, grew into a hobby, developed into a passion, and is now a beast of truth he must water and feed every day. Jerry and his wife live in Oregon.

An American Dream


Beginning quite mysteriously in September 1845, healthy green leaves on potato plants suddenly turned black, curled; and then rotted. Then like an uncontrollable wildfire in a wind-swept forest, winds from southern England carried that mysterious blight to leaves of healthy potato plants around the Dublin countryside.

An Illustrated Book of Love Poems 2


This is the second book in a trilogy of books entitled “Illustrated Book of True Love Poems” by Dave Courtney-Shore. In his first book, the meaning of love, and the initial journey into love are explored, whilst in this second book love grows and matures and takes on a deeper meaning.

An Illustrated Book of Love Poems 2


This is the second book in a trilogy of books entitled “illustrated Book of True Love Poems” by Dave Courtney-Shore. As in the first book, the author pokes fun at himself and his lover, bares his soul, shares intimate moments, and takes passion and sex to new heights, while enjoying love and life to the full.

An Obstacomer s Journey Through Foresight and Hindsight


In October 2019, I finally made the decision to publish this twenty–day devotional on God’s continued faithfulness in my life. First, I created an outline of key topics and life lessons I wanted to impart into the lives of my readers, which made me realize I had a lot more to share than just a few pages. My hope with this devotional is to encourage orphans, vulnerable youth around the world, and anyone who has had to overcome many obstacles throughout life.



In a world of vampires and shifters, angels and demons are a myth. Anthea Black is one of those myths, an angel. For Anthea Black, it’s business as usual, friends setting her up for blind dates, working in her adoptive family’s business and with the paranormal community as a silent witness to what happens in the shadows of the city.

Art of Shadows


Art of Shadows is set after a great war that ended in the Kingdom of Tokai. The kingdom is currently experiencing a time of peace, but in an age of kings that are determined to keep power, all are skeptical of one another. Soldiers that fought bravely in the Talarian War, now that the war has ended, find themselves without a steady income, and many have turned into swords for hire. These men and women are champions to the people but are often looked down upon by the ruling families of the land.

Battle of the Plastics: The Animals Story


The SAFETY of animals is here for all to read! From land, to different seas, the animals are in need. They are all counting on you, and the world is too! The BATTLE between the animals and the plastics. Don’t you know my friend that plastics are drastic?

Battlefield to Business: One Marine’s Inner Voyage of Ethical Leadership


Beating The Odds: 82 Years At The Kentucky Derby


Beating The Odds: 82 Years At The Kentucky Derby is an Autobiography of a man who has attended 82 consecutive Kentucky Derbies and the ensuing unique lifestyle that accompanied this feat. Featured intermittently with an unusual childhood and later life experiences that very few people have had the privilege of being exposed to (good or bad). In addition, there are pictures and legacies of the immediately family that supported this endeavor.



Have you ever criticized yourself because of how you look? Are there parts of your body you do not like? As a mental health professional for children, teens, and adults, many people come in with self-esteem issues and often complain about their flaws.



Every father knows how difficult it can be to put their child to bed. Boh! is the story of a dad who tries everything his son usually likes but still can’t get him to go to sleep. Thankfully, mom comes to the rescue and points out the one thing their son wanted all along: a bedtime story.

Breaking the Cycle


Everyone has a story and struggles they had to overcome but you can’t let what didn’t break you stop you from getting to where you wanna be! Forgive your past and stop letting things that can’t help you hold you back from your true purpose.

Bruised Purple Hearts: Ghosts of the Usa


It is the early sixties as Matt Conklin and his twin brother, Max, graduate from high school amid interesting yet chaotic times that include the Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam War, and the rise of feminism, gay rights, and the use of psychedelic drugs.

Bruno’s Will to Heal


This is a true story that our family experienced. Dr. Rod made a plan, but was not at all encouraged. We thought Bruno would not leave the Animal Hospital alive. It is my hope that this story of “Bruno’s Fighting Spirit” can come to life!

Bye, Bye, Bow Wow


“Bow Wow lives with a nice little family, in a nice home, in a nice neighborhood, in a nice little town. As he watches the family go through the daily morning routine of getting ready to leave for work and school, he knows he will be left at home to entertain himself. It seems “unfair” to him that the family gets to come and go while he is left behind. Every day, he hears the words, “Bye, bye, Bow Wow,” as they go out together.



It has been two weeks since Nepta and his sixteen-year-old sister, Coralie, visited the earth world. Now Coralie is ready to leave for boarding school. Wizen, the old merman, is accompanying Coralie and her mother, Meerlyn, on their journey. But as the shell carriage arrives at the school, no one knows what is in store for Coralie.

Children of Eden: The Trilogy of the Rising


Serum 222, designed to kill a strain of deadly cancers. Serum 222, handed to the hands of a demented scientist and used to raise a nation. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, raised in a large family of eight siblings. Parents are Kathy Grant and David Lavender.



This story reflects a child’s need to feel valued in the home or household. It shows that boys have social and emotional needs just as girls do, and may do daring things to achieve gratification.

Commodore Reigart Bolivar Lowry


Biography of Reigart B. Lowry who was a career naval officer who spent 40 years in the U.S. Navy. He played an active role in many of the major operations of the Navy from 1840 to 1880. He graduated from the first class at Annapolis, fought in the Mexican War, went to Japan with Commodore Perry, and was in a ship off of Fort Sumter when the first shots of the Civil War were fired. He played an active role in many of the important naval operations of the Civil War. After the Civil War, military operations lessened, government corruption increased, and politicians tried to gain more influence in the Navy. Reigart Lowry fought against these influences, and in his last year, he led the fight against a fellow naval officer who was trying to take advantage of this atmosphere.

Conscious Journey to a Lasting Relationship


This book offers a unique and modern version of “happily ever after” for smart, ambitious, professional women who spent their life achieving success in their career, yet experience stress and an overwhelmingly empty feeling of missing out on a loving relationship.

Crystal Cove: A Novel by Sally Suen


Cure of Violence: Stop Bullying and You Will Stop Gun Violence


It has been challenging to me for years to do this. Many of these principles have assisted in my growth and developmental. I have lived and walked by this daily My prayer life has been charged with these principles Living in contact promptings of the Holy Spirit is a reality.

Dad’s Journey: The One That Taught Us How to Love


Dad’s Journey tells the story of one family who rely on each other to endure a life-changing event. When Arnie Kustka became a paraplegic from a blood infection, his life turned upside down. The list of things that he would no longer be able to do grew. The challenges that he needed to overcome increased.

Dark Yesterdays Bright Tomorrows


As a Texas-based solider in the US Army, who is but twenty-three years old and black as well, Corporal Tyrone Lattimore is generally regarded as soft-spoken, intelligent, highly proficient, and compassionate. In some circles, however, the corporal is perceived as an enigma-a man who marches to the beat of a different but benevolent drummer, and that, alternately, makes him a very controversial figure…

Dellia (One) (The Ever-Branching Tree)


Dellia is an epic high-fantasy romance about ordinary people thrust into extraordinary circumstances. It blends alternate worlds, action, adventure, and dire peril, with political intrigue, a generous dollop of romance, and a pinch of humor.

Emerging Wings: Becoming Myself: A Bridge between the Hearing and Deaf Communities


For a deaf infant, the harsh reality is that his or her life will be dramatically impacted by the decisions and choices made by his or her parents. If the parents are deaf, then it is likely that infant will be immersed within the deaf ways and community where silence is cherished and sign language is used as a main communication mode. Whereas if the parents are hearing, then it is likely that infant will be immersed with the hearing ways and community focusing mainly on oral education with or without the assistance of sign language.

Ending Eden: The Pending Fate of Humanity


The “Gods” who brought us to Earth are coming back. But are They coming here to save us from ourselves–or to destroy us?

Endless Horizons: Journeys Within a Journey


At age fifteen Brent Asay began listening to “Days of Future Passed” by The Moody Blues, an iconic rock album combining rock music, classical music, and spoken-word poetry that opened and closed the wondrous musical work…

Executive Target


Republican President James Whitcomb is in his third year in office. With the next presidential election fast approaching, his chief of staff has decided to begin his reelection campaign by making appearances across the country, speaking directly to the voters, without the filter of the hostile mainstream media.

Faithful Living: Honoring God Through Persistence and Faith During Trying Times


As I write this book, the world has been shaken by a horrible pandemic, namely COVID-19. The initial impacts of this dreadful disease were first seen in America in early 2020. As of today, the COVID-19 death toll in America is nearing six hundred thousand. In addition to the tremendous loss of life, the economy was virtually brought to a standstill because of business closures that were made necessary to stop or limit the spread of this disease. As a result, many people found themselves facing a daily struggle to remain safe while yet trying to provide for themselves and their families.

Free And Holy Where You Are: The Daily Life of a Catholic


When I was growing up, the idea that being Catholic was an “adventure” was the farthest thing from my mind. You just “were”. And, pretty much, memorizing some definitions and what “rules” you had to keep in order to be “saved” completed the picture.

Go Along Way


A collection of poems containing the ups and downs of life and every life aspect you, or someone you may know, will go through. This is a spiritual life back guide to finding oneself. And finding love and peace with others. Take with the experience you get from this book that you are not alone in your struggles, that you, too, will carry on a wisdom and a new view.