Authors Press has compiled series of frequently asked questions from authors, both published and aspiring ones as well as readers and anyone interested in books.

If you have written or currently writing a story you wish to share and tell to others, there is no reason why you should not consider self-publishing your book.

If you are concerned about the technicalities and steps involved in self-publication, Authors Press is here to provide assistance. Our team is composed of proofreaders, editors, and designers who will proofread and edit your work as well as provide cover layout, among others.

Authors Press conducts a manuscript evaluation to help you evaluate the quality of your manuscript. Through the evaluation, we will know the level of editing that your manuscript may require.

While we advise you to follow the recommended level of editing, you are actually free to choose any other level you please. However, if the level you have chosen does not get things done, we may offer an alternate solution.

Yes. Our team conducts a private and direct two-way communication with you, the Author. If you wish to make changes or have questions and clarifications, you can always directly get in touch with our team.

Absolutely! After all, you spent countless hours in writing it.

Authors Press will sell your book via our online bookstore. We will also distribute copies to renowned bookstores in the area.

Your book will be marketed in various ways, including but not limited to press releases, book displays in book fairs, social media profiles, and more. We do the best we can to help you reach the appropriate target market for your book.

For other inquiries not answered on this page, you may call Authors Press at (925) 255-0098 or visit our Contact Us page for more contact info.