David Whitaker Fights For A Colorblind Nation with ‘Fighting For’ Under Mon Ethos Pro Consulting

David Whitaker Fights For A Colorblind Nation with ‘Fighting For’ Under Mon Ethos Pro Consulting

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David Whitaker, working under Mon Ethos Pro Consulting, has built upon the prowess of various artists across the world through the enchanting track ‘Fighting For’.

Winthrop, Jul 7, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – The incredibly gifted music enthusiast David Whitaker has perfectly reflected a fine balance between the traditional ingredients of the Pop culture and an elevating concept through the new release under Mon Ethos Pro Consulting. The overall structure of the track has cast a great impact on the minds of the audience due to its strong concept, which has been perfectly portrayed through the spoken words. Surrounded by a stunning and unforgettable hook section and vocal prowess, accompanied by a fascinating sound design that adds depth to the multi-layered presentation of the backdrop, the track Fighting For‘ says what the masses desperately needed.

Engineered with the intention of literally fighting for the creation of a world that doesn’t discriminate based on skin color and treats everyone equally, ‘Fighting For’ is a track that speaks on behalf of billions of people. The concept is truly interesting, yet the presentation has held on to the attention of the audiences. For several days, David Whitaker had worked with vocalists and musicians across the globe to come up with this enthralling track. The track is pretty relatable and pretty massive when it comes to its impact on the listeners. The musical knowledge of the creators has played a huge role in making the track much more exciting and interesting.

The blend of a gorgeous soundscape with a quickly addictive backdrop has made the track more entrancing and soothing. There are moments of magnificence at every twist of the structure of this track that has spellbound the audience. The traditional elements of the Pop genre have been well-established through the modern-day presentation methods, which is a gift for the fans of the genre as well as the global audience. Fans can listen to this track on the SoundCloud profile of Mon Ethos Pro Consulting. Follow it on the official website, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for more.

Mon Ethos Pro’s ‘Fighting For’ released on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/david-whitaker-716102711/fighting-for

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