CBS Radio Interview with Thomas Ethan Hamilton Gary

CBS Radio Interview with Thomas Ethan Hamilton Gary

Blessings, Trials, And Miracles: The Testimonies Of Ethan Gary

Ethan Gary was a twelve-year old boy living a normal Christian life serving the Lord. Until several trials changed his life forever. Ethan had to face the trials with his faith and perseverance in the Lord through it all, victory over-came. This is based on true testimony of Ethan’s life journey, God’s grace and deliverance, and miraculous healing from the Lord Jesus Christ. On May 22, 2008, Ethan was riding a horse, it ended in a terrifying accident. The Lord healed him. What seemed to be impossible through the report of the doctors became possible by the Lord. As well as the recovery from the horse accident, Ethan has faced many other trials and battles, but God delivered and restored him to be strong physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually through blessings and miracles. Ethan’s many testimonies in his life are to give encouragement to others to have hope and reassurance of the victory in the Lord who will deliver, rescue, and heal them.

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