CBS Radio Interview with James B. Boudon

CBS Radio Interview with James B. Boudon

Calvary: The Judas Triangle

Lightning Lord: A mysterious thief appears at a museum robbery garbed like a medieval druid. This “monk” exhibits a Zeus-like ability to summon thunderbolts from the heavens. Shortly thereafter, a beautiful woman approaches Calvary. This alluring stranger says that she’s traveled back in time to aid in capturing the “lightning burglar.” Julia Percy and her team are soon caught up in a web of betrayal and deceit, where nothing is as it seems, and few people are who they claim to be.
Lifestone: William Lavert has, meanwhile, gone off alone to confront a separate crisis. At a secluded cabin in the Colorado Rockies, he hopes to find the answer for why certain individuals, including his sister, have begun aging rapidly after encountering a mystical stone tablet.
Limbo: These two disparate cases conspire to set Percy and Lavert upon a fateful collision course where either they’ll fall madly in love, or else wind up killing each other.

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