• Bernie Calaway’s Book Review
    In Book Reviews
    Bernie Calaway's Book Review HISTORY AND MYSTERY “The focus on mythologies, prophecies and apocalyptic studies within a theological and historical sense was fascinating to read about, and both non- ...
  • Brian L. Murphy’s Book Review
    In Book Reviews
    Brian L. Murphy’s Book Review A Teacher’s Quest “What are we doing to prepare our children for their chosen futures?” – book review by Barbara Bamberger Scott  ...
  • Mary Lou Ochoa Book Review
    In Book Reviews
    Mary Lou Ochoa Book Review The Just Visiting Cat “A fantastic book all around, this is a must-own and must-read for young readers and adults alike.” – book review by Nicole Yurcaba ...
  • Bryant Harris Book Review
    In Book Reviews
    Bryant Harris Book Review The God Haters “Harris’ love of script is abundantly apparent in his frequent quotation of long biblical passages. Any pastor or seminary student who shares his ...
  • Chuck Champlin Book Review
    In Book Reviews
    Chuck Champlin Book Review Think Like a Molecule: Seeking Inspiration in the Structure of Thought With Champlin’s treasure trove of ideas, insight, and grounded wisdom, our minds can embark on ...

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