BKG C-Rows has Dished Out Captivating Tunes of Blues and Jazz in the Riveting Hiphop Track ‘Wit Me’

BKG C-Rows has Dished Out Captivating Tunes of Blues and Jazz in the Riveting Hiphop Track ‘Wit Me’

BKG C rows

BKG C-rows has etched out brilliance with magical sounds in the riveting number ‘Wit Me’. The cracker of a song is deftly composed by the talented New York rapper.

Utica, Jul 27, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Some gorgeously eclectic musical stuff is dished out by the fascinating singer BKG C-rows. He has amplified the hiphop quotient with the sassy number ‘Wit Me’. A lot of fan frenzy is created by the New York rapper. He is a very proud owner of an up to the minute production house called ‘Baynard Winns’ that has state of the art facilities. He has created brilliant tunes of blues and jazz and blended it with mesmerizing funk of hiphop that makes for a savvy-gem. There is a dash of confidence in the exquisite rhythm in the tracks by the astounding singer. He has earned many accolades and praises for his mind-boggling numbers in a very short span. The fans can catch a glimpse of his latest posts by plugging on to his Facebook profile.

The seductive grooves of hiphop in the track Wit Me‘ has been delivered with an unwavering passion by BKG C-rows. The subtle rasp and the fast-pace in the song come with catchy vocals. The hook-line of the track is stunning and has been accompanied by flickers of instrumentation. One can glance through his latest pictures and videos by logging on to his Instagram handle. By plugging into the Twitter handle of the singer, one can engage in a friendly gabfest with him.

The whip-smart rhythm in the number has been etched out brilliantly by the singer that envelops the listeners confidently. The soulful and the swirling beats of blues is executed to a master class degree. The vocal tone and the stunning vibes have been etched out with a lot of panache. Some of his entrancing numbers that are ruling the roost are ‘Chinatown Chill’, ‘Proud Of Me’, ‘Across Time’, and ‘Sum Different’. The ear candy numbers by the singer can be heard by logging into major music streaming sites like Soundcloud

Visit to listen to this song of BKG C-rows :https://soundcloud.com/kamaris-baynardbkgcrows/sskg-rows-wit-me

Wit Me

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