Become a More Accurate Day Trader in Half the Original Time with New Forex Simulator

Become a More Accurate Day Trader in Half the Original Time with New Forex Simulator


Los Angeles, Jul 11, 2020 ( – Everyone knows that diving into the world of forex trading can be hard, overwhelming, and strapped with a steep barrier to entry. Even more difficult is the risk of money involved as you practice and learn your craft, oftentimes taking years to get it right. While that happens, you end up wasting precious time and money, making the whole thing more anxiety-ridden and hard to stomach.


The catch is that there is a lot of money to be made in forex trading. In fact, there is a fortune awaiting any person who will risk it. That’s what inspired Justin Mueller to set out and create a simulator that takes all of that time and wasted cash out of the equation. With Justin Mueller’s new Forex Simulator, now you can simulate everything you need to become a master at forex trading – in a fraction of the time. Best of all, it can all happen without any risk to your bank account.


The Forex Simulator

Now you can simulate forex trading with our new software that enables users to test the market without having to spend years on the chart. We’ve created it to be a simple and intuitive, highly customizable, multi-currency timeframe real-time standalone simulator for Windows operating systems.


In essence, years of learning has just been condensed into just a few hours.


Notable features that come with this new software include:

  • Ability to run limitless simulations with different speeds attached to each simulation.
  • Ability to review old simulations and “go back in time” to measure trades, account balances, and drawings.
  • Multi-chart trading with multi-timeframes and multi-monitor trading capabilities.
  • Ability to trade in real-time markets and synchronize time between all charts and windows.
  • Flexible layouts that users can customize to their preference.
  • Personalized progress reports and brand new reports that can be designed by users inside the software.
  • Ability to clone objects.
  • Calculate profit/loss.


Justin Mueller has worked hard to produce cutting edge technology that will change the forex trading market forever. Now, users no longer need to be afraid about the learning curve that deters so many people every day from this lucrative option. We want people to be able to perfect their craft without losing time or money along the way – without that risk, it will finally be enjoyable.


For those interested in checking out the simulator, you can download the free 14-day trial today: It’s time to get started!

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