Radio Interview with Pat Hagan

 Radio Interview with Pat Hagan Abbot’s Rabbit Welcome to the world of Abbot and Rabbit. It is such a happy place where the wonder of friendship can happen when you look and listen carefully.

Radio Interview with George Worthington

 Radio Interview with George Worthington Runnin’ with Frogs This book is an autobiographical sketch of a Naval career, highlighting challenging assignments during a spectacular era in America. Details of deployments and special events of international and national moment associated with operational and command tours are described. Actions, decisions, and personal learning impacts are forthrightly […]

Radio Interview with Anthony Young

 Radio Interview with Anthony Young Fire: Reality Yet Not Reality Embark on a journey of four thrill-seeking guys who meet one winter night. The adventurous guys become friends. The exhibitionists form a pack to go on the rides of their lives. They go on night adventures to live out their wildest dreams. They pursue […]

Radio Interview with Marcelino Esquilin

 Radio Interview with Marcelino Esquilin The Apostles Methodology to Interpret Scripture What if you acquire the knowledge and realize that most of the things you have learned as a Christian are in blunder? Be advice; but if you want to know, then do read this book. After receiving that glorious touch from guilt to […]

Radio Interview with Barbara Alvord

 Radio Interview with Barbara Alvord Through Different Eyes: An Immigrant’s Heroic Journey  

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