Radio Interview with Jacqueline Garcia

Interview with Jacqueline Garcia Decay of Sorrow Check out Radio Interview of Author, Jacqueline Garcia with us at Authors Press! Jacqueline discusses her book “Decay of Sorrow” and the wonders with it.

Radio Interview with Alan Hall

Interview with Alan Hall The Naked Queen Alan R. Hall is a North Carolina columnist and theater critic who has plied his trade for over thirty years. He is also a published poet, essayist, short story author as well as a theater enthusiast. Mr. Hall is a graduate of Augusta State University of Georgia and […]

Radio Interview with Erik O’Brien

Interview with Erik O’Brien Kur’s Rage Erik D.J. O’Brien was born in Salt Lake City in 1966. He received a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Massachusetts in 1989, and then volunteered for Army Service in 1990. Serving with the 3rd Ranger Battalion at Fort Benning Georgia from 1991-1993, he was Honorably Discharged […]

Radio Interview with Barbara Magargal

Interview with Barbara Magargal A Dreamer’s Wish This book is meant to help children understand that times are not always roses and candy. There are times when they will be upset with parents or siblings and want to be somewhere else or do something else. In their minds they imagine a better and simpler life […]

Radio Interview with Rajesh Pandey

Interview with Rajesh Pandey Howl of the Gods The city of Moon Valley is being stalked by a savage killer that can move without sound, strike without warning, and whose howl contains a power granted only by the gods themselves. Lieutenant Hal Dillon is drawn into the killer’s grisly web, and as he uncovers the […]

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If you want to be interviewed but your not sure you want to expose yourself to the public yet, an author radio interview is the answer!

Authors Press can arrange your radio interview on the nationally syndicated show, People of Distinction, hosted by the father and son, Al and Benji Cole!

The team here at Authors Press understands that going on television and getting interviewed can be a nerve racking process! Radio interviews can still be very personal, but without the stress of being in front of the camera. If you are interested in promoting your book, but not sure exactly where to start then a radio interview might be the answer you are looking for. Contact Authors Press today for more information on scheduling a radio interview or click here to contact us through our website. Our team is standing by and ready to help take your book to the next level!

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