Radio Interview with Dixie James

Interview with Dixie James Holly: Going beyond mother and daughter’s potential From the beginning, Holly had to “fight” to live. I feared my daughter would not survive because she not only was born with Down Syndrome, she was born with heart disease. My tiny baby suffered with heart failure often and Kaiser Hospital became our […]

Radio Interview with Chuck Champlin

Interview with Chuck Champlin Wand Chuck Champlin has been a writer and journalist, a corporate communications executive at the Walt Disney Company, a bicycle inventor, a rock drummer, and a member of Toastmasters clubs (public speaking) and Optimist clubs (bringing out the best in kids). In his work, Champlin promotes the hopeful idea that every […]

Radio Interview with Richard Grabmeier

Interview with Richard Grabmeier Peter Olaf America is a land of promise, filled with adventure and overflowing with riches, thought young Peter Olaf. So in 1895, at the age of seventeen, he left his family and girlfriend to board a ship for the new world. In the next ten years Peter mutated from a naive, […]

Radio Interview with Beatrice Fairbanks Cayzer

Interview with Beatrice Fairbanks Cayzer Love Stories in Africa Enjoy two love stories out of Africa, each in a different country and era. The first concerns a young English widow left penniless in one of Sudan’s worst refugee camps. Love grows amid the horror of total poverty with refugees attacked by a warlord juggling to […]

Radio Interview with Beatrice Fairbanks Cayzer

Interview with Beatrice Fairbanks Cayzer Kidnapped in Jerusalem Dennis McLeary, sexually abused at age 6. At 18, he accepts sexual advances of a 14 year-old girl hoping to prove to himself that he is a normal man. Jailed for 17 years for having sex with the under-age girl, he is abused in prison by fellow […]

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