CBS Radio Interview with Alexander J. Endress

CBS Radio Interview with Alexander J. Endress The Origins of Living Planets Author Alexander J. Endress, tries to convince his readers that Earth is so special and unique that it’s worth saving. He did this by starting out with space travel, distance to other planets and the very low likelihood of aliens visiting us. The […]

CBS Radio Interview with Juanita Gaskin

CBS Radio Interview with Juanita Gaskin Renaissance Dreams “Once upon a time, there was a little girl who wanted to be somebody, but she was always told that she was nothing.” The writer in Juanita Gaskin remained dormant as depression and life circumstances held her back. Renaissance Dreams refers to the rebirth of passions delayed […]

Radio Interview with Joanna Walker-McClain

Radio Interview with Joanna Walker-McClain Omni Consulting Firm Credit Course Book This book was written with the inspiration of God in dealing with credit in the bank and seeing many clients that would like to acquire credit and was not able to, due to the factors discussed in this book or series. Many could not, […]

Radio Interview with James Fink

Interview with James Fink Tales of the Witch of Temeshvar: Pawn to Powers The Witch of Temeshvar: Pawn to Powers is the tale of a young girl seeking to escape a life as an indentured prostitute to a brothel, but she finds herself in even worse trouble than being prostituted. She is sold to an […]

Radio Interview with Mary Foster

Interview with Mary Foster Come Fly With Me Have you ever felt like everything and everyone was against you. Ever felt like everything you do comes out wrong. In my book ‘Come Fly with Me’ I will demonstrate different experiences that I went (through) that most people say to me how did you ever overcome […]

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