Author’s Interview | Author Bernie Calaway

Turn the page with retired Navy Captain Bernie Calaway and discover what this biblical scholar wonders about the feature, his afterthoughts about the pandemic, and more in his interview with Authors Press. His book “History and Mystery Vol 1-5” is now available at Authors Press, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and more online booksellers.

Author’s Interview | Author Chuck Champlin

We sat down with Chuck Champlin as he shared with us his inspiration in writing the thought-provoking novel that left readers with question marks hanging over their heads. A one-on-one talk on why he thinks that molecules have thoughts. Join us in this highly-informative interview with author Chuck Champlin.

Author’s Interview | Author Ralph Mosgrove

Authors Press sat down with Ralph Mosgrove to discuss his book and what gave him the inspiration to write his book. We had a great time sitting down and talking with him!

Author’s Interview | Cleo W Robinson Jr.

Cleo W Robinson Jr. Interview: Trails to and Tales of Sanderson,Texas. Authors Press sat down with author Cleo to discuss his recent book and what led up to him writing the book.

Author’s Interview | Lila Senter

In The Gift, Senter shares the tradition of word gifts that her family has been practicing as gift giving during Christmases. This book blesses the readers with collections of quotations, original poetry, and stories — some of the most meaningful word gifts they have exchanged over the years. It is a reminder of the importance of love, family, and faith.

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