Treasures and Truths is a book written to help guide the reader into a closer depth and deeper understanding on the treasures that the Word holds on many topics that it covers and the truths instilled within many mysteries it possesses, a simple down-to-earth book to fully understand the meanings enclosed within, each chapter revealing treasures to hold on to and follow in daily life, and truths to apply to everyday life and in all situations.

Treasures and Truths brings forth a book to use as a reference and to use as a guide in your personal life. Inside, the reader finds out things as how to rest in the Lord, coming into agreement, who is the roaring lion, to name just a few of the intriguing treasures and truths spoken of and taught, enticing the reader to step into a newer and higher walk in life and hold the Master’s hand as the world around offers nothing. This book takes you into a step-by-step process and explains how to apply what you learn and know. It teaches some things the reader may not have known or understand as clearly as before. It is filled with vital information you cannot afford not to know and how to use it.

“Treasures and Truths”

London Book Fair 2023 Display Photos

London Book Fair 2023 Event Photos

A must-read book for a closer understanding of the world and life’s mysteries to be displayed at the 2023 London Book Fair

London, UK— Author Dr. Tania Wiseman has just recently released a groundbreaking new book titled Treasures and Truths that unlocks the mysteries of life and helps readers discover hidden truths and treasures within themselves with the help of Dr. Wiseman’s outstanding skill in tugging at the reader’s heart and mind. The noteworthy work will be showcased at the 2023 London Book Fair this coming April 18-20.


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