After being an ER doctor for over twenty years, traveling all over, running international medical missions, and working at a cancer hospital, Jeff Wade has collected many stories. Some of these he has been telling for decades.

In Tales from the ER and Other Places, Dr. Wade shares a lifetime of interesting, funny, educational, and sometimes disgusting stories, with medicine being at the center of most. And whether the stories are incredible and humorous or touching and sad, they offer a compelling and engaging window into the life and times of a doctor and his passions — and his patients.

“Tales From the ER and Other Places: OR Always Eat The Lamb Brains!”

London Book Fair 2023 Display Photos

London Book Fair 2023 Event Photos

Behind the Scenes of the Emergency Room: A compelling look into 25 years of ER experiences makes it way to the 2023 London Book Fair

London, UK— Have you ever wondered what the everyday life of an ER doctor looks like? Is it like the hectic hustle and bustle and out-of-the-blue emergency calls that we see on TV? Author Dr. Jeff Wade shares a lifetime collection of captivating stories and true-to-life experiences being an ER doctor of over 20 years in Tales From the ER and Other Places: OR Always Eat the Lamb Brains!. This work traverses readers through his years of traveling, running international medical missions and working at a cancer hospital— the same work will be displayed at the 2023 London Book Fair this coming April 18-20, 2023.


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