Earth Angel is a fun, action-packed sci-fi series that pushes the imagination to discover the existence of angels and devils as you never thought before. Encounter the majestic as you journey down a new path of wonder, love, betrayal, comedy, suspense, and so much more.

In a classic battle of good and evil, explore an idea of a new source of human existence as humans and angels work together to preserve life and save the earth against the evil forces of the devils. Follow Sherri as she learns her place in this world, where at the center is a halo that makes her the focal point of the battle and the entire world. This book sets the stage for an epic series that will leave you wanting more, imagining more, and suspecting more.

“Earth Angel”

London Book Fair 2023 Display Photos

London Book Fair 2023 Event Photos

Up-and-coming author’s sci-fi series debuts at the 2023 London Book Fair— the book and author’s first grandest book display feature

London, UK—Do you think you know more than enough about the existence of angels and devils? What about the source of human existence itself? Up and coming author Franky Gomez debuts his first sci-fi series that pushes his readers’ imaginations to the limit. Earth Angel is a well-thought-out work that explores the existence of angels and devils in a whole new way, the work blasts off to the upcoming 2023 London Book Fair this coming April 18-20. 


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