What magic can we make in this crazy world?

Chris Walkman has an unusual problem: he’s just been given $20,000 to make the world a better place, starting right in his hometown, Los Angeles of the 1990’s. He’d better try something for real, or a not-so-little indiscretion at his previous job might become a bigger issue. So, fueled by the magic of the money and his overactive imagination, he sets to work, hires a homeless man as a co-pilot, and sets out to change things for the better. His key insight: the pen and television broadcast antennas are wands that can still make magic in our time.


London Book Fair 2023 Display Photos

London Book Fair 2023 Display Photos

The London Book Fair will feature an interesting vision of the budding potential of a pen as a wand of the future

London, UK— In modern times, only a few can vividly recall life during the 80s. In a highly-advanced society where everything is associated with technology, it may be impossible to imagine a world without smartphones and social media. 


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