A Kid With Hands Has Belted Out Exquisite Instrumentals of Alternative Rock with Incredible Finesse

A Kid With Hands Has Belted Out Exquisite Instrumentals of Alternative Rock with Incredible Finesse

A Kid With Hands

A Kid With Hands is a magnificent musician who has dished out fascinating instrumentals in alternative rock. The tracks have a brilliant and impressive progression.

Toronto, Jul 7, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – There is a touch of elegance with which the prolific musician A Kid With Hands dishes out his instrumental tracks. The musician whose real name is Matt Spencer has belted out rocking instrumentals like ‘A Pain I Hope You Never Know’, ‘Another Me & You Interlude’, ‘The Milk Man’, ‘In A Place Far Away Called 1984’ and ‘In Hindsight I’m Blind’. The musician who is based out of Toronto has come up with a ripper of tracks from his entrancing album ‘Make Every Mistake’. He used to play tunes of guitar right from a young age. Both of his parents were suffering from ill-health that made him stay back. He learned the nitty-gritty of the art with diligence practicing while in his free time.

In the breathtaking instrumental ‘Another Me & You Interlude’ by the musician par excellence A Kid With Hands there are authentic sounds that are flabbergasting. In The Milk Man there are immersive vibes. In the instrumental trackIn A Place Far Away Called 1984,’ there are pristine tunes of electronics. In the impressive instrumental ‘In Hindsight I’m Blind’ there are multiple layers with breathtaking resonance. The musician also had a stint working in a restaurant where also he took some time out to practice his music. He had a broken relationship and lost jobs and was having a nightmarish time. He called it a mid-life crisis that prompted him to go back to his place. He was planning to get back to normal but was hindered by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The enrapturing instrumentals are rejuvenating and speak volumes about the class of the stupendous musician. The tracks have a stunning appeal. He mastered genres like hip hop and alternative rock that is evident from the instrumental tracks from his popular album ‘Basement Music Bloodbath’. To check out his majestic numbers, one can plug into major music streaming sites like Soundcloud.

Please visit here to listen to his songs on Sundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/akidwithhands

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