A Follower of The Most High, Yishay Zimrah turns to Gospel Sound to bring Hope with ‘DRY BONES (Wake Up Judah)’

A Follower of The Most High, Yishay Zimrah turns to Gospel Sound to bring Hope with ‘DRY BONES (Wake Up Judah)’

Singer  Yishay Zimrah

The diverse musician Yishay Zimrah has really pushed the boat out for ‘DRY BONES (Wake Up Judah)’ as he weaves it with a positive spirit and timeless composition.

Las Vegas, Jul 27, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – It requires master-class artistry to create a musical piece as brilliant as DRY BONES (Wake Up Judah)‘ and the veteran gospel and hip hop musician Yishay Zimrah has worked hard to make it an unworldly piece of an inspirational song. It was released in late-July, 2020 and it included modern writing of a song that connected the listeners to the ancient roots, wrapped in soulful classic gospel melodies. It delivers the potent beliefs of the Israelite who understands the signs of The Most High and pledges to spread unity and peace across the nation. He triggers the music lovers with the powerful chorus of the song that chills the bones and motivates the broke souls to stand tall when tragedy befalls.

Yishay Zimrah was only fifteen years old when he was reborn again after he was freed from a psychiatric hospital. He took music as an alternate world where he came clean with serious confessions and expressed every single grief in his life through the first composition of his life ‘Mind of the Insane’. Since then music has become the antidote of the poisonous lifestyle and bleeding moments. ‘DRY BONES (Wake Up Judah)’ is a song about age-old prophecies that have shown reality can be twisted. The ancient Hebrew prophecies and gospel sound are mixed in one frame in most of his singles. He records the overwhelming lyrical songs with Zimrah label.

With songs like ‘THE ONLY WAY’ and ‘Destiny’, he proves that this is the right moment to begin his journey. An artist with such a righteous character is needed to show people the true path of light with his enlightening musicality. Music is his first love and taking care of his people is his first propriety. Hip hop and gospel sounds meet with peaceful messages to create a whole new world for the melophiles of Gen-X. Follow him on Instagram, Facebook and Reverbnation to see the highlights of his career and new songs.

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DRY BONES (Wake Up Judah) : https://soundcloud.com/yishay-zimrah/dry-bones-wake-up-judah

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