A Creative Display of Contemporary Hip Hop Adorns Chicago Rapper Karizmatik’s EP ‘Solidified Vol. 2’

A Creative Display of Contemporary Hip Hop Adorns Chicago Rapper Karizmatik’s EP ‘Solidified Vol. 2’

Solidified Vol 2

Upcoming Chicago rapper Karizmatik is creating a blissful arena of hip hop oriented musical modules ad thematic deconstructions in EP, ‘Solidified Vol. 2’.

Chicago, Sep 15, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Upcoming hip hop artist and rapper Karizmatik is creating a soundscape of mixed musical concepts that are redefining the standards of modern-day creative opulence like no other. He recently released his new EP, ‘Solidified Vol. 2‘ in production collaboration with WMS Sultan a thematic saga told through three lyrically enriching songs. The songs collectively create the scope of modern-day hip hop and rap enamels and also plunges deep into its thematic understanding. The songs ‘Heavy in the Streets‘, ‘Line of Fire‘ or ‘Believe in You‘ present his creative understanding of the genre and also paves the path for new musical strains as well. The artist contributes his vocal prowess and rhythmic stance to the EP making it emerge as a beautiful streaming course of hip hop elements.

The EP ‘Solidified Vol. 2‘ expands the artist’s ability to grasp and execute new musical influences. One of the songs from the EP is in collaboration with fellow artist T-Law and a joint album called ‘Music Reborn’ is in works for release. Working with production label BankFlow ENT, artist Malcolm Johnson aka Karizmatik is gradually expanding his creative space and giving his audience some of the best musical and hip hop experiences of the current times.

Other songs that have had artist Karizmatik further incorporate musical and creative elements into his soundscape includes ‘Leave From Here’, ‘Heart Tremblin’, ‘Put You To The Test’, and ‘Everything Has a Price’. Having extracted inspiration from artists who represent hip hop like Jay-Z, Biggie, Twista, Tupac, and Nas, he has found the exposure and elements to make his soundscape stand out on the global platform. The Chicago rapper is dynamic and delivers the best of his abilities and musical and rhythmic blends before the crowd. This album has another installment coming up along with second and third album called ‘Durable‘ and ‘Still Durable‘ and a mixed tape hosted by DJ Burn One as he rides through the high wave towards glory and audience engagement. Follow him on Soundcloud, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and his own website and be a part of the cultural evolution of hip hop.


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